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9 On-The-Road Rituals

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

One of the hardest things for me on the road is finding time and space for rest and rejuvenation. The first six weeks away from home were the hardest, between culture shock and homesickness. I was finding myself in a slump of fatigue and stress. This passed with time, I got used to being away from home. I figured out and found joy in meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I worked my way around the language barriers. These things naturally got easier.

Yet, in these last couple of weeks, I have been struck with a different challenge - Stamina. There is exhaustion like no other that comes from being on the road, with no real home or space to rest and rejuvenate in the way you need to. Hostels and staying with friends, couch surfing, or whatever cheap community space you find yourself in for the night are lovely. You meet loads of interesting people from all over. Yet, they are often loud, people snore, others turn on the lights for 2.5 hours at 3 am to pack there bags, you are sharing the bathroom, and there is nothing you can really do to avoid any of these things. You learn to live with them, but when it comes down to the 45th night you have spent away from home, sharing rooms and with no real space of your own, you find that you might wake up just a little more tired than you did on the first day.

I have tried to dedicate myself to some sort of routine on the road. Trying to ground and find space even in the little things, while keeping myself as healthy as I can.


Every morning and every evening, I set the goal to drink an entire bottle of water.

This is an easy way to keep yourself healthy. Keeps you hydrated, preventing worse hangovers and giving you energy for the whole day. It doesn’t always fix everything, but when I put the intention behind drinking it and focusing on how I am taking care of myself just in this small way, it can help.

Bonus Points:

- When I have the opportunity, I add lemon or another citrus. Lemon essential oil is an easy way to carry lemon, and you only need a drop in the water.

- When I feel like my electro lights are running low, I do a glass of lemon juice, sea salt, and water! Followed by a big bottle of water or two! This can get me through some of the hardest days.


Getting all the nutrients on the road is hard. Especially when it comes to not knowing or not having access to things you have at home. A multi-vitamin is helpful. I am not perfect, my goal is to take it daily, but that rarely happens. I take it on days that feel like my body just can't keep up, or when I know, I haven't been getting everything I need from my food.

Other supplements

- Extra vitamin C ( I take two to three pills every couple of days to fight off colds and all the fun germs from hostels),

- Collagen Protein and MTC powder (by Bubs Naturals, this is something I add to my coffee in the morning, helps with my skin, hair, nails, and joints as well as helps my body use the caffeine a little better to avoid any crashes)


Intentional Movement.

Turning down and away from all the noise and hustle of travel to be with just you. It comes down to what exactly is your favorite move and what brings you back to you. Yet, go into it to connect with yourself. Everything is about intention.

Some of my favorites are yoga, dancing, stretching in bed, wandering and walking,

Meditation and Breath Work

Guided meditations are so easy to find on your phone through any number of apps. If I don't have time or space for that whenever I am sitting on train, bus, plane or taxi, I try to soft-belly breathing or 4-7-8 breathing.

My favorite meditation apps-

Stop, Breathe, Think- this is best for when I don't know what I need in the moment. You go through rating and choose emotions and it brings up suggestions for you to choose from

Insight Timer- a HUGE library of all different meditations and talks.

Dry Brushing/Washing off the day

I got this from Liv Monte, I love her blog! Everywhere you will have a shower. Even if it' s cold and you don't want to be in there long, you can bring along a dry brush and scrub the gross off and then wash it down. Even if it's a short shower, step in, let the water wash over you and take 3 deep breaths. Just one moment at the end of every day.

Positive Social Media

I have been on a kick of following so many inspirational Instagrams that I can read and save and share their words for when I need them. It also makes social media more than a black hole where my self-confidence goes to die, and I only return with a massive comparison hangover. When even Instagram is reminding you of how great you are, you can never get too deep in the self-pitty.


My old enemy was writing. Thanks to yoga teacher training, I have embraced it. Journalling has helped me dump some of my thoughts and saved me from many panic attacks. A pen and journal is not something hard to pack in the bag to come with.

Finding a Private Zone

As soon as I get overwhelmed in a busy place, I try to find someplace I can be alone to calm down. Often times this is a bathroom stall, strange, I know. I have locked myself in bathroom stalls just to sit and be alone countless times. If you are traveling solo, this works great because nobody is worried about you being in the bathroom for an extended time. A lot of my anxiety comes from always thinking people are watching and judging me, so just being away from anyone's eyes can be a blessing.

Private Rooms

You can only stay in hostels for so long until you want to stab all the people around you. Even though they are super budget-friendly, once and a while, you need to break the bank and splurge on space for just you. Even if it only for one night, book a private hotel room. Where you can be naked, take a really really long shower, dance around the room, pick your nose, and scratch your ass without anyone looking at you. This has been an essential piece of me honoring my introvert and keeping me well-rested.


I'm not perfect, these things are just a few things that I try to remind myself are easy enough to incorporate when I need them. It's all about taking a moment to put intention behind doing one thing a day.

Keep exploring!

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